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About Giant Flick Films

Giant Flick Films LLC is a full fledge production and distribution company of the new digital age. Based in Hollywood, CA.

 Founded in 2003 by a group of artist, we are not only creative but true fans ourselves. Our goal is to simply broaden creativity and project imagination of a new generation of cinema. We produce high-end feature films, designed to introduce the movie fan to a whole new broad range of stories and ideas from around our wonderful planet from artists with fresh ideas. “We believe the best stories still have not been told, and some of the best ones are long forgotten and we would like a hand at telling them”.

Our core genres include: Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Action-Adventure.

Our Planet! We are a fully “Green” company, and respect our planet; we take time to advocate and practice recycling and conservation both in our corporate offices and while filming our features in pre and post production.

Phone: 818.854.5214 | Fax: 866.309.4464 | Email: info@giantflick.com
Web: GiantFick.com | IMDB: www.imdb.com/company/co0215618/


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